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What I’m Doing Now
After selling everything and leaving my home in London in January this year, I spent three months travelling Sri Lanka before moving to Bangkok, Thailand. Two months in that great city was followed by a month exploring Cambodia
Now (Summer/Autumn 2017) I am in the wonderful city of Chiang Mai in mountainous northern Thailand. It's surrounded by lush greenery and is a lovely change of pace from the wildness of BKK. I'm a big city girl at heart though so it won't be long before those skyscrapers and bright lights draw me back in.

Current Focus 

↠ Business ↞
First and foremost I am building a lifestyle that will give me the freedom to live a life of adventure and creativity. 
Defining and establishing my personal brand: I am currently exploring all the ways in which I can add value to people, organisations and brands through combining my photographic skills and digital expertise from 17 years of experience in marketing and communications.
Developing my personal style and uncovering my true passions: After many years in love with travel and travel photography, I feel it’s time to further narrow down, or niche, my photographic style. I know what I love (and don’t love) creating, and I’m ready to explore ways to express this through my photography.
Sharing what I love and connecting with like-minded people: It’s time to find my tribe… a network of creative and passionate people that I can connect and grow with. As a creator and an introvert, I do tend to go solo on my projects but I’m ready to open my heart and welcome people into my world and share this journey I’m on.
Creating relationships with photography agents: As part of my move to a location independent lifestyle, stock photography has the potential to provide an ongoing passive income stream which will give me freedom and flexibility to continue pursuing this life of adventure and creativity.  And who’s kidding, it would also just be really satisfying to see my work used by some great brands or in some widely read publications. 
Developing a new website and investing time into developing my online presence: It’s time for another website re-design so I have a platform to share what I care about and create in the best possible way. It will have a blog and some other features so do come back regularly to check it out.
Continuing to give love to my first passion: Marketing and more specifically digital marketing has been a joyful pursuit for the past 17 years. What you don’t know is that before marketing become my vocation, I almost became an Architect. Despite the change in direction, I've never stopped loving buildings. So, in March I established a new company - a digital marketing consultancy for businesses shaping the built environment. The Curious Few was co-founded with my partner Tony, who has 20+ years of experience working as an architectural/environmental designer and project manager. It’s a real fusion of passions - digital marketing and architecture, and I’m a little bit in love with our fledgling business.

↠ Read ↞
As a marketer by trade, I’m passionate about communications and their impact on consumer behaviour. As I get further involved in the travel industry, I’ve become increasingly fascinated by the genre of destination marketing so I’m delving into the topic even further. 
Online resources: Skift, Tnooz, Frederic Gonzalo

↠ Learn ↞
As a new digital consultancy owner, I’m currently immersing myself in all things process. I’ve got projects and tasks mapped in Asana, am busy designing service workflows and learning how to lead a successful discovery call and conduct effective client on-boarding. I’m also completing Content Marketing and Inbound Marketing Certifications from HubSpot Academy.
I’ve also recently become fascinated by cryptocurrencies and I’m trying to wrap my brain around the underlying technology.

↠ Move, Nourish, Believe ↞
After a disc herniation in November 2016 and a relapse in April ground all workouts to a halt, I’m now slowly returning to a fitness routine and IIFYM. For several years I’ve loved lifting heavy weights and having a base in Chiang Mai, with access to great gyms and cooking facilities, has got me back in the rhythm again. Cue loads of high protein meal prep, tracking macros and DOMS.
Earlier this year I thrust myself into completing an intense 10-day Vipassana retreat in Sri Lanka and I’ve been trying to integrate a regular meditation practice into my routine ever since. I haven’t yet been successful but I will keep trying.

↠ Travel ↞
Travel continues to be a guiding force in my life but whilst I am bunkered down focusing on building my businesses and personal photography brand, travel is limited to the Northern Thai regions. I also hope to visit my family in Australia around Christmas time. I’ve only been back twice in the 10 years since moving to London and although Skype dates are great, I’m desperate to spend some quality time physically close to my family.

If you want to find out more about now pages, Fernando Gros has written a great article on them, including the difference between a now page, an about page and a set of goals

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