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What I’m Doing Now
After selling everything and leaving my London home in January 2017, I spent three months travelling Sri Lanka before moving to Bangkok, Thailand. Two months in that great city was followed by a month exploring Cambodia. After that, I then spent five months in the wonderful city of Chiang Mai in mountainous northern Thailand, before heading to Australia to spend the holidays with family.
Now (February 2018) I am in Brisbane Australia, making the most of some well-needed time with family and friends and planning my next move. I’ll likely stay in SE Asia for a while yet but with so many options, I’m finding it hard to decide where to go next!

Current Focus 

↠ Business ↞
Focus: building a lifestyle that will give me the freedom to live a life of adventure and creativity. 
Defining and establishing my personal brand: I am currently exploring all the ways in which I can add value to people, organisations and brands through combining my photographic skills and digital expertise from 17 years of experience in marketing and communications.
Developing a new website and investing time into developing my online presence: It’s time for another website re-design so I have a platform to share what I create and what I care about in the best possible way.

↠ Relationships ↞
Focus: building relationships and a community around shared passions and interests.
Sharing what I love and connecting with like-minded people: It’s time to find my tribe… a network of creative and passionate people that I can connect and grow with. As a creator and an introvert, I do tend to fly solo most of the time but I’m ready to open my heart and welcome people into my world and share this journey I’m on. 
After joining Peter DeMarco’s Eat Sleep Photography group on Facebook and meeting him in person in Bangkok last year, I was invited to lead the groups’ weekly Artist Date Challenges. It’s been a great way to connect with other photographers from all over the world and seeing everyone’s perspectives and interpretations of the themes I choose each week is fascinating.
After months of endless searching, trying to find a community of like-minded female travel photographers, I finally took the leap and started my own group. In a seemingly male-dominated industry and with an over-saturation of travel selfies, I am determined to build a community for women who are passionate about world culture and who create immersive and engaging visuals of people and places. Women in Travel Photography & Film is my attempt at bringing us girls together to support and encourage each other as we grow our creative businesses. 
Continuing relationships with photography agents: After achieving my goal of being accepted into Robert Harding World Imagery in 2017, it’s time to get serious about building my stock photography collection. As part of my move to a location independent lifestyle, stock photography has the potential to provide an ongoing passive income stream which will give me freedom and flexibility to continue pursuing this life of adventure and creativity.  
↠ Learn ↞
I’ve recently launched a new, exclusive online community for professional, semi-professional and aspiring travel photographers and filmmakers - Women in Travel Photography & Film - and with a background in digital communications and experience managing online communities, you’d think it’d be a walk in the park. Well, I’m learning something new everyday and it’s a fascinating journey!

↠ Move, Nourish, Believe ↞
After a disc herniation in November 2016 and a relapse in April 2017 ground all workouts to a halt, I’m now slowly returning to a fitness routine and IIFYM. For several years I’ve loved lifting heavy weights and being back in Australia, with access to great gyms and cooking facilities, has got me back in the rhythm again. Cue loads of high protein meal prep, tracking macros and DOMS.
In 2017 I completed an intense 10-day Vipassana retreat in Sri Lanka and I’ve been trying to integrate a regular meditation practice into my routine ever since. I haven’t yet been successful but I will keep trying.

↠ Travel ↞
Travel continues to be a guiding force in my life but whilst I am bunkered down focusing on building my businesses and personal photography brand, it is proving difficult to balance life, work and travel. So I'm currently exploring South-East Queensland (Australia) when I can and planning more travel within the Asia-Pacific region.

If you want to find out more about now pages, Fernando Gros has written a great article on them, including the difference between a now page, an about page and a set of goals

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